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GeoSystems Engineering


Geo-Simulations Collaboratory

The Geo-Simulations Collaboratory involves a community of students, Faculty and scholars that work on numerical simulations such as Finite Element Modeling (FEM), Finite Difference Modeling (FDM), Material Point Method (MPM), and the Discrete Element Method (DEM).

The Geosystems group is actively engaged in the development of new algorithms that are used in geotechnical research and practice in programing languages such as Python, C++, Fortran, as well as Matlab. The team uses super-computing facilities that are available at UC Berkeley (SAVIO) as well as other research institutes (e.g., Bluewaters, Stampede).

The Geosystems group also has access and uses in research and its course curriculum an extensive software library that includes: SHAKE, DEEPSOIL, QUAD4MU, FLUSH, GeoFEAP, FLAC, PFC3D, ABAQUS, GeoStudio Suite, Rocscience Suite, 2D and 3D PLAXIS Dynamic, 3D Soilvision, Anura3D, DDA, MAPTEK I-Site, ContextCapture, and CLiq.

We thank the following platinum and gold sponsors for supporting our students: