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GeoSystems Engineering





Left to Right: Dimitrios Zekkos (UCB), Mohammal Hallal (UCB), Yogesh Prashar (Geopier), Dan Peluso (Haley and Aldrich), Eryn Alexander (BGC Engineering), Arul Arulnathan (AECOM), Scott Garrison (BGC Engineering), Chris Hunt (Geosyntec), Doug Schwarm (Atlas Geotechnical), Theodore Feldsher (AECOM), Thomas Shantz (Caltrans), Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos (UCB), Nick Sitar (UCB), Chase White (Taber Foundation & California Geological Survey), Sarah Wilson (Delve), Robert Kayen (UCB), Thaleia Travasarou (Fugro), Rob Jameson (Malcolm Drilling), Michael Riemer (UCB), Uri Eliahu (UCB), Kenneth Johnson (WSP), Juan Perri (Exponent), Andres Chavarria (Luna), Shakhzod Takhirov (UCB), Frank Wang (Parikh; not in picture)


The Industry Leadership Council, is a closed-door, invited-only meeting that is convened annually by the Geosystems Faculty and involved industry leaders who are either Corporate Partners or representatives of major federal, state and other organizations. 

Participants of the Industry leadership Council learn in significant detail the program status, and have the opportunity to provide feedback that affects the research, education and leadership activities of the Geosystems program.

The first Industry Leadership Council was held on May 2022 at the Clark Kerr Campus. 

The second Industry Leadership Council was held in November 2023 at the Richmond Field Station where the large-scale facilities of the Center for Smart Infrastructure are located. 

The 2024 Industry Leadership Council is scheduled for November 22 2024. For more information on the Industry Leadership Council please contact Prof. Dimitrios Zekkos.

We thank the following platinum and gold sponsors for supporting our students: