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GeoSystems Engineering

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The UC Berkeley GeoSystems Program encompasses a broad area of teaching and research in geotechnical and geological engineering, and applied geophysics. We welcome students with a wide range of backgrounds in Engineering and Earth Sciences.
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The Geosystems program is founded on a thriving, diverse community of students, Faculty and researchers that educates the leaders of the geo-profession and advances the state of the art in the broad field of Geotechnics.
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The Geosystems program Faculty and students advance research on a diverse range of topics in Geosystems. Our scientific contributions span the entire breadth of geosystems including soil deposits, earth structures, and underground space.

Latest News

Nick Sitar gives the 25th Sowers Lecture in Atlanta, GA

Athanasopoulos-Zekkos leads GEER mission for Hurricane Ida. Final report is released.

41st Annual Geosystems Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series, May 05, 2023

Richard H. Jahns Lecture at UC Berkeley

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